An In-Depth Guide Into Swedish And Deep Tissue Massage

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Are you finally ready to get the massage you have been postponing for months? And have you decided on the specific type of massage you'd like? The two common preferred massage services are Swedish and deep tissue massage. Which between the two will work best for you? Learn all about the two massage services below.

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name implies, it is a deep type of massage which goes in the muscle layers. Although it uses similar techniques as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage involves slower movements with intense pressure.

After mentioning pressure, you are probably wondering if the massage will hurt. During a deep tissue massage service, you might experience some discomfort since the force is applied in areas prone to chronic pain or accumulated tension. Besides the mild discomfort, you will not experience any pain during the session.

After getting deep tissue massage services, it is common to feel a little sore for a day or two. The soreness results from lactic acid, which is produced during the massage. Drinking water to flush the acid from the tissues will be of great help in relieving the soreness.

If you are a sportsperson rehabilitating or suffering chronic muscle pain, this could be the right type of massage for you. Nonetheless, it is essential to share your massage idea with your doctor to get their recommendations.

Swedish Massage

Although it is called the Swedish massage, the roots of this massage are not from Sweden. Also known as a classic massage, it is a common massage option for many since it addresses different concerns such as stiff necks, anxiety, and overall muscle tightness.

A Swedish massage aims to relax your body. It helps relax by boosting the circulation of both oxygen and air throughout the body. Additionally, it also aims to reduce toxins and decrease muscle tension using a five-stroke approach. 

Compared to deep tissue massage, the touch is lighter and can be adjusted depending on your liking. Additionally, the pressure on your muscles is less. The session can also include gentle stretching or aromatherapy. When considering a massage session to unwind, the Swedish massage could be an excellent pick for you.

Which Is Better?

A deep tissue massage offers its unique benefits, and so does the Swedish massage. To decide on the best massage for you, focus on the reason for the massage. If you would like to address a problem, pain, or stiff muscles that have been around for a while, deep tissue massage services are better. On the other hand, if you would like a fun and relaxing massage, you can't go wrong with the Swedish massage.