Should You Consider Adding Massage Therapy to Your Chiropractic Visits?

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Many chiropractors employ or partner with massage therapists, but while chiropractic care is becoming more mainstream among people looking for pain relief, massage therapy is still often viewed as a luxury. Massage therapy, however, can help patients suffering from joint pain. Check out these facts you should know about adding therapeutic massage to your back care routine.

They Both Address the Musculoskeletal System

When you go to the chiropractor, they are interested in your joints, which are a part of your musculoskeletal system. By releasing the gases trapped in these joints, chiropractors can help restore mobility and ease tension to relieve pain. However, the muscles that move the joints can get tight, limiting movement and making it difficult to move joints. Thanks to poor posture, or a sedentary life, more and more people are developing tight neck and back muscles. This limits the movement of the vertebrae in your back, leading to pent-up gases in joints. Similarly, if you have joints that need adjustment, it can force other parts of your body, such as muscles, to work harder, leading to strain.

You Likely Already Get a Massage Before Your Adjustment

You may actually already get a massage in the form of electrical stimulation before each adjustment. Many chiropractors use a device that emits small electrical impulses to muscles, which helps contract and loosen them, mimicking a massage. Many chiropractors do this because it makes adjusting joints easy. In order to release the gases, the chiropractor must release the joint, and they do this by forcing it to move with pressure, traction, or other methods. However, even healthy vertebrae don't move much, so tight muscles can prevent the slight movement needed to unlock the joint. A massage helps loosen the muscles so the joint can actually move.

Some People Benefit From Post-Adjustment Massage

Depending on your condition, you may better benefit from a post-adjustment massage. This is common for people who require frequent adjustments. An injury or poor posture may be causing major joint discomfort, which may quickly return after the adjustment. If you get a massage after your adjustment, it helps the muscles relax in a natural position. You will likely experience less pain, and you may even be able to wait longer between adjustments.

Chiropractic care and massage therapy often go hand in hand because they both treat the musculoskeletal system. If you have been having your back adjusted but continue to struggle with pain, consider adding massage before or after, regardless of whether your chiropractor offers massage. For more information, contact a massage therapist in your area today.