Important Steps To Take Before And After A Massage

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Massage therapy can be an effective treatment against pain and soreness. For the majority of those who undergo massage therapy services, the treatment itself does not cause any aches or pains. The negative side effects of massage therapy are much less than other treatments.

Side Effects of Massages

Most patients who undergo massage therapy do not experience even minor discomfort. For those who do, the discomfort and soreness are referred to as post-massage soreness and malaise. However, these problems can usually be minimized by what you do before and after a massage.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids before and after you have a massage therapy session. Doing so will help your body flush out toxins. Your body needs water so it can move properly and so that your body can bring oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Water is also necessary for carrying away waste products created by the body. 

Have Something to Eat

Have something to eat after the massage. Your massage therapy service speeds up your circulatory system. Your bodily functions will be operating more rapidly. If you do not have something to eat after a massage, you might feel lightheaded. As your body feels more relaxed, you will often see your blood pressure drop. 

Relax Afterward

Make sure that your meal after a massage is small. If you eat too much, you will likely feel uncomfortable. Instead, your time after a massage is a period of rest and relaxation. You should consider reading a good book or go see a movie. While you may be required to work after a massage depending on your schedule, you should avoid doing so if you can. 

You are best off having your massage after your physical activity and a shower, not before. After a workout, you will likely feel tense and the massage can help you relax. Working out after a massage can be more difficult because your body may be too relaxed to effectively lift weights or do cardio. 

One great activity after a massage is to take a warm bath. You likely may have taken a bath or shower before the massage, but taking another one will help maximize the relaxing effects of a massage. Add some Epsom salts to the bath to help in easing any aches or pains that still exist after the massage. All of these steps will ensure that your massage is as successful as possible.