Office Chair Massage Therapy Reduces Stress Levels Of Corporate Company Employees

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Employers are beginning to understand the importance of stress relief among their employees in their workplace. It's understandable and is a fact of life that employees show higher productivity and retention rates when they're able to reduce stress in the workplace. So it's a welcome surprise to learn that many companies now actually encourage the use of corporate chair massage in their workplaces. Employees can now cut into the repetitiveness of their workday, enjoy a chair massage therapy session and then return to work at a reduced stress level.

How Program Planning Begins

When your company provides an onsite room for the uniquely-built portable massage chair, that's the beginning of increased employee productivity, which you'll instantly gain in your workplace. The room to be used can be simply one of your conference rooms. All your employees have to do is sign up for the program. Some employers bear the full cost of this program while other employers pay for part of the costs. In the latter case, employees are asked to pay for the remaining costs.

A Separate Corporate Benefit

Corporate chair massage is one of the most popular employee benefits your company can promote. Of course your company provides the usual benefit packages, but corporate massage is considered a separate benefit. Your employees need not change their clothing for the session and will thus remain fully clothed as they enter and receive their treatment.

Health Benefits Your Employees Gain

There is a healthy benefit that employees gain from this break in their workday, which lasts for about 15 minutes. Employees are reporting that this break and its associated massage activity revitalizes them and enables them to get through their remaining workload minus heightened stress levels. Their energy level becomes super high following one of these massage sessions. It's corporate lesson one about driving stress and anxiety out of your employees lives.

Effectiveness Of Corporate Chair Massage Therapy

Why is the science of chair massaging so effective? There's a very simple explanation for its effectiveness. It's OK for employees to love their jobs; however, there are employees who face all kinds of challenges during their daily workday. Challenges might involve meeting deadlines, constructive criticism of their work, communicating with people they may not like who are hard to work with. These are some of the negative activities that help to raise employee stress levels.

Becoming Happier Employees

Some employees cope well under stress, but pent-up feelings negatively impact their health ultimately. Others are unable to cope at all, which makes them ill. Participation in a chair massage program helps both types of employees to relax. Employees high blood pressure decrease following therapy, and they become happier employees as the massaging uncoils tight nerves and muscles. You have much to gain and nothing to lose by instituting a corporate chair massage program for employees in your company.

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