How To Get The Best Massage For Your Back Pain

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If you suffer from back pain, getting a massage is one great way to reduce your symptoms safely and without the use of medications. However, not all massages are equal. You need to make sure the massage you get is targeted to your needs and effective for back pain. Here are four ways to do just that.

Opt for a therapeutic or deep tissue massage.

There are many different massage modalities out there, from hot stone massage to Swedish massage. They all have their merits, but some are better for general relaxation, while others are more suited to actual muscle and pain therapy. For back pain, you really want to go with either a therapeutic or deep tissue massage, as these modalities are designed to really work deep into the muscle tissue and relieve spasms. The massage therapists who perform these types of massages are also trained to focus on patients dealing with pain, so they can do a better job of tailoring their massages to meet your needs.

Tell your massage therapist about your pain.

When you arrive at the massage therapy center, spend a couple of minutes talking to your massage therapist before you begin with your massage. Tell him or her about your back pain, where it is localized, what you know about the causes, and so forth. Answer any questions your therapist has. The more you tell them about your condition, the easier time they will have tailoring the massage to your needs.

Be vocal during your massage.

While your massage therapist is working on you, do not be afraid to talk. Tell him or her if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, or it the pressure they are applying is too much for you. You can also ask them to spend more time on your back if you feel they move on from this area too quickly.

Stay active after your massage.

After you get your massage, do not just go lay on the sofa and watch television all day. Try to stay active as much as you can, considering your condition. You could go for a walk, do your shopping for the week, or even do a light workout at the gym. This gets your blood flowing so that the toxins that were released from the muscles during the massage drain away from the area.

With the tips above, you can ease your back pain with the help of massage. For more information, contact a company like Lansing Wellness Asian Body Works.